It’s a massage to strengthen muscles and restore their ability to contract . It’s performed with strong maneuvers in a short period of time . It’s ideal for sports trainings and to all who need to strengthen their muscles.

45€ / session


We will use this type of massage if we meet tense, painful muscles and contractures after severe physical exertion , either for work , exercise or stress. The maneuvers used in this case are medium - low speed with a maximum depth tolerated by the patient, and steadily.

45€ / session


There are different kind of sport massage depending on the moment and the requirement of the sportsman. We practice sessions to relax, tonify or recover the muscles so we can prevent injuries.

45€ / session


It’s for relaxing and decongestanting. For all those people who suffer stress, sleeping problems, anxiety, physical exhaustion… It’s performed with strong maneuvers in a short period of time

45€ / session


It’s a new type of relaxing massage done with candles out of vegetal oils, achieving a highly beneficial massage. You can choose either “Gourmet Massage with Champagne and strawberries” or “Glamour Massage with argan oil and gold dust”. By lightning the candle, its decomposition emanates a pleasant smell. The obtained oil is as hot as the corporal temperature, achieving a relaxing feeling. This massage is a mix out of the candles’ warmth and the hydration of the oil.

50€ / session


Korean abdominal massage technique that consists of applying many different kinds of pressure seeking to unlock the area in 3 levels:
Physical: Digestive, abdominal and urinary system:
Energy: The abdomen is considered to be the main energy center of the body.
Emotional: Many emotional blockings are reflected in the abdominal area.

With this technique we can help improve digestive abnormalities (constipation, gases, bad digestion), draining toxins, liquid excesses (perfect for weight loss), problem with the reproductive system (PMS), fatigue, stress or emotional problems.

35€ / session

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology
It is a therapeutic technique based on stimulating specific points on the feet, named reflex zones. It is carried out by a massage the realize pressure on these zones for producing specific effects in other body parts.

It’s a therapy that helps us by preventing different types of pain and achieving physical and mental stability.

Foot reflexology 35€