The phisiotherapy’s goal is preserving, restoring and increasing people’s health level by improving life conditions. We work in Spaiverd for finding solutions to your back pain, muscle and skeletal issues, allowing you to enjoy fully your social, professional and sports life.

Individual sessions are available, done up to one hour by a professional physiotherapist in a carefully designed environment: comfort in the cabin, silence, according temperature, a kindly attitude by the therapist, the quality of our products… Your well-being is our priority and you’ll get our best attention.

HOME TREATMENTS: If you are not able to visit our Centre, we also offer home treatments at your place.
Physiotherapy session 45€


This massage is highly recommended for lymphatic circulation. It facilitates and activates the the blood supply by eliminating toxins and exchanging gas and nutrients. It’s perfect for people that suffer leg pain and/or fluid retentions. It’s performed with strong maneuvers in a short period of time

Lymphatic Drainage 45€